Tagged?? AGAIN!!

Apparently Kirsten didn’t get my memo… She tagged me for a meme. 6 Random things. Here we go… Again.

  1. I am great at squeezing the last little bit of whatever (toothpaste, lotion) out of the tube.
  2. Speaking of toothbrushing, when I brush my teeth I say in my head (From Sesame Street) “Up and Down. Up and Down. Brush your teeth, up and down.” Repeat with side to side and Round and Round. I still picture the little cartoon characters doing this.
  3. It could be 90 degrees and my right hand (my mouse hand) could still be freezing cold.
  4. I spent Jan – June 1991 living in England with family. Page here.
  5. I can wiggle my ears and nose. Both separately and together.
  6. I can wiggle my 2nd toe on my right foot independently of any of my other toes.

There you go. That makes 26 Random things about me. I hope you still want to be my friend! First 7, Next 7, Next 6