I found a new love…

Thanks to Shades of Pink I am in love with Google Reader, through gmail.  It is an easy way for me to keep track of all the blogs I like to read, without having to click on everyone to see if anything has been updated.  It’s easier than yahoo (I couldn’t get that one to work right) and IMO better than the wordpress blog surfer. 

The Google reader will work with blogger, wordpress, typepad, even myspace or whatever.  It’s portable and you can view them on any computer (I know I had a ton of favorites that I was clicking on everyday that was saved on one computer).  If someone does two or three quick posts, it shows all of them as unread instead of the latest post.  However, it does not work with private blogs, but that’s okay.  I only one or two private blogs that I read anyway.

 So if you read multiple blogs, sign up for a gmail account and use it!!!  Thanks, Shades!

8 Responses

  1. I am still trying to figure it out. *sigh* I’ll get it, it just takes me a few thousand tries.

    You’ll figure it out. It’ll come sooner rather than later. ~Accountable

  2. Hey! I stole the Non-Resolution meme for my blog. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was signed into my google apps acct not my google acct. DUH!

    Oopsie! It’s cool, though isn’t it? ~Accountable

  4. Your title for this post…I thought for a minute you were ready to tell the world about us. :O

    Not quite yet… 😀 ~Accountable

  5. Maybe I should take my own advice and use Reader! 😆

    Thank you!! It really is good. Especially if you are constantly checking for updates too. ~Accountable

  6. I too love my google reader. 🙂

    I just looked at how many I have subscribed too. 37 blogs. THIRTY-SEVEN!! Soon to be 38. Yours is one of them. 🙂 ~Accountable

  7. I only have 28. WHEW! I’m much less of an achiever than Miss Accountable. Thank goodness!

    I keep finding so many interesting blogs. I have added a couple more, so now it’s 39. ~Accountable

  8. But you guys, if you are reading through google reader and not actually on the page of the blog then it doesn’t count as a “hit.” Come on, I love hits.

    These are the kinds of hits that I like too. When we go to leave a comment, you’ll have a hit that way, since we can’t leave comments through reader! 😀

    Oh. all my blog surfer’s are on reader now. 43 subscriptions… Shame on me!! ~Accountable

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