More NON New Years Resolutions

I will add the following Non-Resoltutions. (I had added them to the first post, but that was getting a bit long…

  1. I will NOT wash the dishes before dinner.
  2. I will NOT complain how cold it is here in my basement. I knew it was going to be cold in the winter before I set it up here. I can always add layers. (For the record, with the space heater and electric blanket going it is 54.9 as I type this and my hands are freezing)
  3. I will NOT stop drinking water because it’s cold. My lips are even more de-hydrated in the winter, causing them to be cracked and dry. Since I am a lip biter, well… they are being extra bitten.
  4. I will NOT put on my white cotton underpants on inside out
  5. I will NOT put on my Yoga pants backwards.

I think that’s it.

2 Responses

  1. #4 ****SPLORF*****

    Sad to say, I do it all the time. 😀 ~Accountable

  2. I like these – non resolutions. Good idea!

    Have you seen the original post? WeRlivingfree linked to them. ~Accountable

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