If I could do it different

Mary Kay that is.  If I could go back and do Mary Kay different I’d…

  • Not get caught up in all the free product & star prizes with the initial order
  • For what I wanted to do with my business, I wouldn’t have purchased as much as I did.  My goal was 1 or 2 classes a MONTH and I still fell for the $1800 order (see above)
  • Allow my director to make my first order without my input.  I was stuck with the perfumes, bronze foundations, and the spa stuff.  It didn’t sell.  I ended up donating these to a church for a raffle

What product I did have, wasn’t what my customers wanted, so they did end up waiting for it.  If I did have what they wanted, it wasn’t enough.  I had three people want one color, I  only had one or two.  I had to order or trade for it and the customer still needed to wait.

What’s done is done and I can’t change it.

Being funny

Okay as promised.  This is what my friend searched to find my blog.  I think he forgot to take his meds today.

  • breastfeeding grampa accountability
  • peanut butter breast accountability
  • husband breastfeeding Margaritas weaned
  • Whoo Hoo husband weaned
  • breastfeeding husband accountability
  • Tylenol breastfeeding accountability
  • mega squatting
  • squeezing my ears and nose independently
  • white cotton underpants wiggle
  • england shower space heater yoga
  • doobie caravan skinny birth
  • cardio grampa birth stories

The ones in red and green were searched by my un-medicated friend after my original post!  😀 

Random search

Okay,  This is too funny to NOT post about.  A couple people found my blog by searching these two terms:

  • Breastfeeding zoo coloring  (2 hits)
  • Sport and easy birth            (2 hits)

I only hope that whomever was searching found(?) what they were looking for!!

Non-Resolutions ~ A follow-up

So, Just how am I doing on these Non-Resolutions?  We’ll see…

  1. I will NOT check my email, myspace profile, facebook profile, blog stats, discussion boards/forums every chance I get.  The world will not come to a crashing halt if I do not reply to something right away.  I’m getting better at this, although it is a weakness of mine.
  2. I will NOT drive over 4500 miles in my van This one should be stricken.  I don’t drive the van very much.  I work at home and my commute consists of dropping the kids off at daycare.  It is a 4 mile trip round trip ~ if that.
  3. I will NOT take a short shower (under 10 Minutes)  In all fairness, this should have probably been:  I will NOT shower longer than 20 minutes.  I am getting better at taking shorter showers (15 minutes).  Although sometimes it is hard when I need to shave my legs.
  4. I will NOT share the covers with my spouse  Again, this probably should have been I will NOT hog all the covers.  I’m not sure how I’m doing on this.
  5. I will NOT gain weight  So far, so good
  6. I will NOT cruise the blogs so much on my work time  I’m doing okay on this, now that I’m using Google Reader.
  7. I will NOT sweat the small stuff  I think I’m doing okay.
  8. I will NOT wash the dishes before dinner.  So far, so good. 
  9. I will NOT complain how cold it is here in my basement.  I knew it was going to be cold in the winter before I set it up here.  I can always add layers.  (For the record, with the space heater and electric blanket going it is 54.9 as I type this and my hands are freezing)  Hee hee!!!
  10. I will NOT stop drinking water because it’s cold.  My lips are even more de-hydrated in the winter, causing them to be cracked and dry.  Since I am a lip biter, well… they are being extra bitten.  Still needs work.  See #9
  11. I will NOT put on my white cotton underpants on inside out  So far, so good!
  12. I will NOT put on my Yoga pants backwards.  So far, so good!

I seem to be doing okay.  I have stricken some because they were kind of irrelevant.

Must be true!

Mercedes & Folkwoman wrote posts that reminded me of this…

I was on my way to the post office to pick up my case of free M&M’s (sent to me because I forwarded an e-mail to five other people, celebrating the fact that the year
2000 is “MM” in Roman numerals), when I ran into a friend whose neighbor, a young man, was home recovering from having been served rat in his bucket of Kentucky Fried
Chicken (which is predictable, since as everyone knows, there’s no actual chicken in Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is why the government made them change their name to KFC).

Anyway, one day this guy went to sleep and when he awoke he was in his bathtub and it was full of ice and he was sore all over and when he got out of the tub he realized that HIS KIDNEY HAD BEEN STOLEN. He saw a note on his mirror that said “Call 911!” but he was afraid to use his phone because it was connected to his computer, and there was a virus on his computer that would destroy his hard drive if he opened an e-mail entitled “Join the Crew!”

He knew it wasn’t a hoax because he himself was a computer programmer who was working on software to prevent a global disaster in which all the computers get together and distribute the $250.00 Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe under the leadership of Bill Gates. (It’s true – I read it all last week in a mass e-mail from BILL GATES HIMSELF, who was also promising me a free Disney World vacation and $5,000 if I would forward the e-mail to everyone I know.)

The poor man then tried to call 911 from a pay phone to report his missing kidneys, but a voice on the line first asked him to press 90, which unwittingly gave the bandit full access to the phone line at the guy’s expense. Then reaching into the coin-return slot he got jabbed with an HIV-infected needle around which was wrapped a note that said, “Welcome to the world of AIDS.”

Luckily he was only a few blocks from the hospital-the one where that little boy who is dying of cancer is, the one whose last wish is for everyone in the world to send him an e-mail and the American Cancer Society and an anonymous billionaire have agreed to pay him a nickel for every e-mail he receives.

I sent him two e-mails and one of them was a bunch of X’s and O’s in the shape of an angel (if you get it and forward it to more than 10 people, you will have good luck but for
10 people only you will only have OK luck and if you send it to fewer than 10 people you will have BAD LUCK FOR SEVEN YEARS).

So anyway the poor guy tried to drive himself to the hospital but he was running low on gas because it was Tuesday and he was punishing his local service station as part of the GREAT GAS OUT by waiting till Thursday to fill his tank. On the way he noticed another car driving without its lights on.  To be helpful, he flashed his lights at him and was promptly shot as part of a gang initiation.

Send THIS to all the friends who send you their junk mail and you will receive 4 green M&M’s and a little man will dance the Macarena on your computer screen – if you don’t,
you will get sick from the Sodium Laureth Sulfate in your shampoo, your spouse/mate will develop a skin rash from using the antiperspirant which clogs the pores under your arms, and the US government will put a tax on your e-mails forever.

I know this is all true cause I read it on the Internet.