Non-New Years Resolutions

Go ahead and blame me…  It was my suggestion!

WeRLiving Free tagged me.  What you do is list 7 New Year’s resolutions you are not going to do in 2008 year based on 2007’s results, then you simply tag THREE people to do the same (we’re only tagging three, cuz so many of us run in the same blog groups). You can tag TWO people that you know and ONE person based on the TAG SURFER (in your dashboard). That way you will be connecting with other bloggers with the same interest! Ready…set….NO GOAL YOURSELF!

  1. I will NOT check my email, myspace profile, facebook profile, blog stats, discussionboards/forums every chance I get.  The world will not come to a crashing halt if I do not reply to something right away.
  2. I will NOT take a short shower (under 10 Minutes)
  3. I will NOT drive over 4500 miles in my van
  4. I will NOT share the covers with my spouse
  5. I will NOT gain weight
  6. I will NOT cruise the blogs so much on my work time
  7. I will NOT sweat the small stuff

I tag:  Shades of Pink; Quirky Jessi & Moonmaid (My yoga tag sufer!)

9 Responses

  1. ****SPLORF***** I am ROFLing at #1.

    It’s sad, but true.

    I could also change #3 to read, I will not drive my van more than 3,000 miles in the next year. ~Accountable

  2. Way to go! Splorfing with Free!


    p.s. Why doesn’t your pic link to your blog? just curious

    huh? ~Accountable

  3. The woman. She doesn’t link back.

    Fixed! btw: I’m not doing a very good job with #1 today! LOL


  4. Yup, you got it fixed!

    Well today is a holiday, NOT goals don’t count. ROFL!

    Yippee!! I am hoping to do better on #1. That is my one big weakness ~Accountable

  5. Yeah! You link now! Happy New Year!


    Happy New Years! ~Accountable

  6. Happy New Year! 😀 I have a good feeling about 2008. :mrgreen:

    2008 WILLbe a good year. ~Accountable

  7. Oh alright, I played your little game…but I blamed you for it all!!

    (And I made myself look even more pathetic than usual in the process…gee thanks, lol.)

    hee hee!! I checked it out. Very funny! ~Accountable

  8. I especially like #7!

    Thanks for stopping by! ~Accountable

  9. Here, here to #1!

    Returning your tag from a month ago…better late than never, eh?

    hee hee!! Glad you’re back to the blogging world. I hope you had a nice trip. ~Accountable

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