My Grampa

As promised, here’s a little bit more about my Grampa (my father’s father).

Grampa was in the Navy during World War II and stationed in Hawaii.  Navy brass wanted to know who could type and Grampa and his friend (Red) volunteered.  They wanted to stay out of trouble and to stay out of too much work.  They volunteered not knowing anything.  They didn’t know what they were getting into.  Grampa and Red were now a part of Naval Intelligence.  While there, he and Red learned the computers and was part of the team that cracked the Japanese code. 

On the lighter side, they were guards on a supply train that carried fresh pineapple.  So they decided to climb on top and started eating fresh pineapple.  They ate, and ate, and ate, and ate!!  He has never eaten another pineapple since then.

After the Navy, Gramma and Grampa settled down in Chicago Heights.  They built a house and started their family.  In the end, 13 children were born.  The last two are fraternal twins. 

The next part is what my Gramma wrote:  When we first got out of service, Grampa worked for his Father .  He did grunt work on the building of the big pipe organs.  They lived in an apartment above the “shop”. Then he decided he would use the skills he gained in the service.  In those days, computers were big noisy machines which took up an entire room and was as noisy as  “hell”. They were programmed by the way they were wired.  Grampa was very good at this wiring bit. He worked for many different companies.  They were mostly start up systems just introducing computers to the company.  One job was with the U of Chicago,  there was the perfume company that made Tabu.  Boy did I smell nice then.  He worked for a wholesale liquor company in Indiana.  He also worked for service bureaus that serviced other companies.      I was also told that he had worked for GE, IBM, Stauffers to name a few as well as doing odd jobs here and there.

It is hard to go back that many years and remember where he worked. One thing for sure, He did work hard and gave good service to whomever he worked for.  He took very little of what he brought home for himself.  All he really needed was that six pack of beer. What a great guy he was. 

Grampa passed away last October.  Lung cancer spread to his spine.  Now all I have are memories and memento’s.  I had been given one of his Rosary’s (he said it daily), a little pocket knife (which I intend on giving to my son when he’s old enough) and a necklace with a cross and another religious medallion (which I intend on giving to my daughter when she’s old enough).   Also given to me were a collection of stories that he had written and typed up.  I plan on reading these to my kids.

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Thank you!

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  1. That is an amazing biography of a man’s life. How lucky you were to have him as a Grandfather.

    Your grandma and I would get along just fine! “Noisy as hell” ROFL!!! Love it!

    I am extrememly lucky!! ~Accountable

  2. That’s an awesome story! 🙂

    Grampa wrote it. I just put it into words. Gramma and MJ gave me most of the material. ~Accountable

  3. Grampa and Gramma sound like the salt of the earth type people. No big egos.

    Thanks for stopping by! They are really great, awesome people.

    btw: How did you find my blog? ~Accountable

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