Christmas gifts

Christmas has come and gone.  Two of the best presents that I received this year are more on the sentimental side.

  1. A Jon-E Handwarmer that was Granddad’s
  2. Stories made up and written by my Grampa.

I googled Jon-E Handwarmers.  They still make them!  The pouch that belonged to my Granddad has a small burn hole in the back and the letters on the front are partially worn.

The stories from Grampa are stories that he made up and told his kids.  I’ll treasure them and I’ll be able to read them to my kids.  I’m wanting to bind them together.  Right now they are held together by a binder clip. 

What about you?  Did you receive any sentimental gifts this year?

2 Responses

  1. Those are some great gifts with such an important meaning. Very nice. My Christmas was nice. I like the family time. As far as gifts, I got some cute clothes. Nothing really sentimental this year. Last Christmas was our first married Christmas. My mom had some of our photos framed and gave those as gifts. Hubby says he wants to get me a necklace still. He wants me to help pick it out.

    I noticed the handwarmers are at Cabela’s. My huband has been wanting to get out to that store forever! The closest one to us is in Michigan.

    The stories by your Grampa sound wonderful. 🙂

    You can shop at Cabela’s on-line if you can’t get to a store. ~Accountable

  2. I got the gift of seeing friends that I don’t see every day.

    I got the gift of more hugs from my son in a short span then I have in a LONG time (he’s 11). I guess he liked his Christmas presents – I must have gotten 30 hugs (didn’t give 30 gifts). It ROCKED!

    Aren’t those the best?? ~Accountable

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