Expiration dates

I had this post written for NaBloPoMo, but I ended up not posting it.  So here it is!  I am still working on a post about my Grampa.  I promise, it is coming. 

I realize that some products have expiration dates that if you eat or drink after it, it makes you sick, like milk, yogurt and cottage cheese.  Other products, the expiration date is more like a freshness date, like bread and cheese. 

I have lived by the theory that if the bread and cheese isn’t moldy, it’s not going to hurt you to eat it past it’s expiration date, especially if you are going to toast it, the bread that is.

I was at my Dad’s house with the kids one Saturday near the end of September and I was going to make my kids a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.  I just happened to look at the date onthe bread, it was August 27th.  Oh well, I gave it the once over and noticed no mold and I made it.  I know that the bread at my in-laws house would have been thrown out the next day.  We waste so much bread because of that.

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  1. My mom is a stickler for expiration dates. She doesn’t like to use anything past its date. My husband completely disregards expiration dates.

    One thing that helps is that some things have a “sell by” date and other things have a “use by” date and still others have both. Milk and yogurt typically have “sell by” dates and are good up to one week beyond that date. Medications have “use by” dates and should not be used after the date on the bottle. Eggs have both dates–at least the eggs I buy do.

    Bread has a “sell by” date, and my husband can eat bread regardless of its date–he’ll even eat it if it’s a little green which I think is disgusting! I, on the other hand, get sick if I eat bread that is even a day past the due date. I think it’s related to a specific health issue I have, but it sucks.

    Now, wasn’t that fascinating information??? 😆 Sorry if it’s TMI!

    My husband doesn’t see the date on the bread as sell by. The other day we were going to make a grilled cheese sandwich for Little man for lunch. He saw the date on the bread, which was a couple days ago, and said, it should be alright. I’m thinking, you’re going to toast it! it won’t matter!! ~Accountable

  2. LOL! You just reminded me of a great story! Christmas 2006 I printed my mother a set of spice jar lid labels. She had asked me to do it, so it became one of her presents.

    As we worked on the labeling project, she went through her huge lazy susan of spices. When something was out of date, she wrote it on her shopping list. Then we got to the bay leaves.

    The bay leaves! This jar I recognized from childhood. My ENTIRE childhood! Looking closer, it was still full, except for perhaps one leaf, and had expired in 1984. In 22-25 years she had not used up her bay leaves. So what did she do?

    Wrote ‘bay leaves’ on her shopping list.

    I’ll be throwing the new jar away when I move her to a nursing home in 2038.

    Very funny!! I pretty much wen through our spices a few weeks ago and threw out most of them. ~Accountable

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