More Random

  1. When I eat sandwiches, it is on anything other than bread.  Usually a bagel.  I also like hamburger buns, rolls, biscuits.  If it is on white bread, it must be toasted.
  2. I am a former vegetarian.  I was a vegetarian for 9 years.
  3. I went through a flannel phase while in college.
  4. If I have to pee even one ounce, I cannot sleep.
  5. Growing up, If the bedroom door was open, I couldn’t sleep.
  6. I used to get bloody noses at the drop of the hat.  At one point, I thought I got them from drinking red Koolaid!
  7. I have not so much a fear of heights as it is a fear of falling.  I am fine in an airplane or enclosed in a skyscraper.  Give my a railroad tressel and I am frozen with fear.  I used to walk on the nail of a pier when I was younger.  My reasoning: If the boards were to fall, I’d still be on the supports.  (nevermind the flaw, but what did I know!!)  😀  On that same note, I had a fear of the open back type steps.  I would not go up them on my own.

So this makes 21 Random-ass things that you now know about me!  How about you?  Leave your random quirky things about you here in the comments.

4 Responses

  1. #3 a flannel phase? You mean like Paul Bunyan? LOL! I can’t imagine.

    #4 me too.

    Yup. I didn’t wear sweatshirts. I wore Flannels. Everywhere. I had two lined flannels to wear when it was cooler. I wore flannels over T-shirts and dressier shirts. ~Accountable

  2. #4 me too.

    You are an interesting chick, what can we say?

    It seems like it a pretty common thing. Every once in a while, I can override it, but not very often! 😀 ~Accountable

  3. #2–I tried vegetarianism for about a year. I couldn’t hack it.

    #3–I did the flannel thing in high school and college. 🙂

    #6–I still get nosebleeds at the drop of a hat!

    #7–I’m deathly afraid of ladders. I always feel like it’s going to fall while I’m trying to climb down. I can climb up the ladder, but getting down is another story.

    It was very hard being a vegetarian. Things that you wouldn’t think having animal product in it actually does. Like Potato soup and buttermilk biscuits. Although I think the biscuits have changed and beef fat is no longer an ingrediant

    I still get frequent nosebleeds too. Usually in the morning and in the winter. I don’t even have to blow my nose to get one.

    Usually going up is not a problem. It’s the coming down that always freaks me out too. ~Accountable

  4. Oh geez! What can I admit to without being revealed as a psycho?

    1. I found my first geocache this week, indoors!

    2. I used to collect coins

    3. I paid for a nearly-new car through ebay sales 8 or 9 years ago

    4. I paid for a decent chunk of college through ads hosted on my web site in 1996 when the pay was still good

    5. I once owned my own pool cue

    6. I was featured in a magazine in Spain and called a ‘hacking god.’ LOL. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    7. I’m stuck on #7.

    Are you saying that I’ve revealed myself to be a psycho?? Let me think of #7 for you. You’ve been married to your high school sweet heart for 9 years now? We had an incredibly hard to understand math professor in college tht was trying to teach us about matrices (which I never understood at all!) ~Accountable

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