There are two types of garages.  The kind you park cars in or the kind you store things in. 

Growing up, we had a one-car garage that stored things, but it was also empty enough that we could play in our garage.  We roller skated or even rode our bikes in it in the winter time.  We recorded “radio” shows in there as well.  Most of the time, the car was parked in the drive-way. 

I do remember one night, my sister’s and I were in the car and Dad had gotten out to open the garage door to pull the car in.  The car started rolling backward.  We were terrified!  The driveway had no slope, so we were not going fast.  Just the fact that the car was rolling, we were in it and the car had no driver scared us.

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  1. My parents’ garage is/was definitely for storage. You still cannot fit any cars in it! Now, hubby and I on the other hand, have a good size garage and it can be used for storage and cars. Hubby even built himself a work station out there. Not bad!

    I have a funny rolling car story. On my 16th birthday, my parents, grandparents, brother, and I were going out to dinner. Just as I was getting into the back seat, my dad put the car in reverse and started to pull out of the driveway–with me running alongside the car! It was funny. I was scared for a second that he would turn the wheel, but he came to his senses and realized I wasn’t in yet! 😆

    At our previous house, we had an oversized garage with a bumpout. That was excellent. We could keep our cars in it as well as storing stuff. Now we have a regular size garage that we have both our cars in with a bumpout to store some things. It does get re-arranged in the winter. ~Accountable

  2. As a kid I always had the dream that I was suddenly the only one in a moving car. Disturbing!

    I also shifted my grandpa’s (engine-off) tractor out of gear and into neutral on an incline once. He was just a few years away but boy did he RUN!

  3. That should say YARDS away.

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