Non-New Years Resolutions

Go ahead and blame me…  It was my suggestion!

WeRLiving Free tagged me.  What you do is list 7 New Year’s resolutions you are not going to do in 2008 year based on 2007’s results, then you simply tag THREE people to do the same (we’re only tagging three, cuz so many of us run in the same blog groups). You can tag TWO people that you know and ONE person based on the TAG SURFER (in your dashboard). That way you will be connecting with other bloggers with the same interest! Ready…set….NO GOAL YOURSELF!

  1. I will NOT check my email, myspace profile, facebook profile, blog stats, discussionboards/forums every chance I get.  The world will not come to a crashing halt if I do not reply to something right away.
  2. I will NOT take a short shower (under 10 Minutes)
  3. I will NOT drive over 4500 miles in my van
  4. I will NOT share the covers with my spouse
  5. I will NOT gain weight
  6. I will NOT cruise the blogs so much on my work time
  7. I will NOT sweat the small stuff

I tag:  Shades of Pink; Quirky Jessi & Moonmaid (My yoga tag sufer!)

My Grampa

As promised, here’s a little bit more about my Grampa (my father’s father).

Grampa was in the Navy during World War II and stationed in Hawaii.  Navy brass wanted to know who could type and Grampa and his friend (Red) volunteered.  They wanted to stay out of trouble and to stay out of too much work.  They volunteered not knowing anything.  They didn’t know what they were getting into.  Grampa and Red were now a part of Naval Intelligence.  While there, he and Red learned the computers and was part of the team that cracked the Japanese code. 

On the lighter side, they were guards on a supply train that carried fresh pineapple.  So they decided to climb on top and started eating fresh pineapple.  They ate, and ate, and ate, and ate!!  He has never eaten another pineapple since then.

After the Navy, Gramma and Grampa settled down in Chicago Heights.  They built a house and started their family.  In the end, 13 children were born.  The last two are fraternal twins. 

The next part is what my Gramma wrote:  When we first got out of service, Grampa worked for his Father .  He did grunt work on the building of the big pipe organs.  They lived in an apartment above the “shop”. Then he decided he would use the skills he gained in the service.  In those days, computers were big noisy machines which took up an entire room and was as noisy as  “hell”. They were programmed by the way they were wired.  Grampa was very good at this wiring bit. He worked for many different companies.  They were mostly start up systems just introducing computers to the company.  One job was with the U of Chicago,  there was the perfume company that made Tabu.  Boy did I smell nice then.  He worked for a wholesale liquor company in Indiana.  He also worked for service bureaus that serviced other companies.      I was also told that he had worked for GE, IBM, Stauffers to name a few as well as doing odd jobs here and there.

It is hard to go back that many years and remember where he worked. One thing for sure, He did work hard and gave good service to whomever he worked for.  He took very little of what he brought home for himself.  All he really needed was that six pack of beer. What a great guy he was. 

Grampa passed away last October.  Lung cancer spread to his spine.  Now all I have are memories and memento’s.  I had been given one of his Rosary’s (he said it daily), a little pocket knife (which I intend on giving to my son when he’s old enough) and a necklace with a cross and another religious medallion (which I intend on giving to my daughter when she’s old enough).   Also given to me were a collection of stories that he had written and typed up.  I plan on reading these to my kids.

Edited 12/31:   Any additional edits will be made on the “Grampa” page.  Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments.  Please leave any additional comments on the same page.

Thank you!

Christmas gifts

Christmas has come and gone.  Two of the best presents that I received this year are more on the sentimental side.

  1. A Jon-E Handwarmer that was Granddad’s
  2. Stories made up and written by my Grampa.

I googled Jon-E Handwarmers.  They still make them!  The pouch that belonged to my Granddad has a small burn hole in the back and the letters on the front are partially worn.

The stories from Grampa are stories that he made up and told his kids.  I’ll treasure them and I’ll be able to read them to my kids.  I’m wanting to bind them together.  Right now they are held together by a binder clip. 

What about you?  Did you receive any sentimental gifts this year?

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas everyone.

Enjoy the time off with your family.  Stay warm and travel safe.

The good and the bad of working from home.

The good:

  • When the kids are sick, I don’t have to take time off.
  • I can take 15 miutes and do a little bit of Yoga
  • I don’t have to worry about the office goodies that are brought in at this time of year.
  • I can wear my pajamas to work, or my swim suit if I so desire.
  • I can blast whatever I want to on the radio.
  • I can thrown that load of laundry in the washer or run the dishwasher if I need to.

 The bad:

  • I have no one to blame for the sinkful of dirt dishes except myself!
  • I miss the human interaction.
  • No office goodies to munch on at this time of year.
  • No office lunches to attend to.