Love ’em or Hate ’em

It seems like in every sport, there is a team that everyone either Loves or Hates.  There is no middle ground.  These seem to be the ones.  I hate them.

  • Baseball (AL) :  New York Yankees.  Even though I like Joe Giradi, I still hate the Yankees. 
  • Baseball (NL):  San Fransico Giants.  Maybe with Bonds gone, it won’t be so bad.
  • Football:  Oakland Raiders.  I don’t know why it’s the Raiders, but i can’t stand them.
  • Basketball:  LA Lakers.  I really wish that Brian Cook hadn’t signed with them.  I think even when Kobe’s gone, I’ll still not like the Lakers.
  • Hockey.  Can’t comment on Hockey.  I don’t watch it.

Care to add yours to the list?

5 Responses

  1. Baseball (AL): I’m from Cleveland, therefore, I hate the Yankees! I’m also not fond of the Red Sox. 🙂

    Baseball (NL): Don’t have any team in particular that I hate. Maybe the Marlins since they beat us in the World Series in 97.

    Football: Cowboys. Not a big fan of the Patriots either. I’m a Steelers fan (I’m the enemy in Cleveland). I don’t hate the Browns, though.

    Hockey: I’m with you. I enjoy watching hockey, but I don’t hate any of the teams.

  2. Baseball- Don’t watch it. In my world, Baseball sucks! LOL

    Football: Gotta go with the New Orleans Saints! Love the underdog!

    Hockey: Gasp!! No hockey??? That is just so wrong! I love me some hockey! I’ll go with the Blackhawks as my favorite team… though I really follow the minor leagues.

  3. Baseball: Love the Cubbies….

    Basketball: Love the Bulls…

    (see the theme going here?)

    Hockey (which is SO FUN SOOOO SOOOO FUN to watch in person…seriously): Blackhawks…

    Football: Ack. I like football I just don’t have strong feelings for any one team.

  4. Oh and I guess I don’t really hate any teams….hate is such a STRONG word… : P

  5. Yes, Hate is a strong word, but “Love ’em or dislike ’em” doesn’t really sound right! 😀

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